About Remnant Gathering


Hi! I'm Cheryl. We started this "gathering" since my husband and I were looking for fellowship, like minded folks and people that were awake to the deception and propaganda that is being spewed forth over America. The LORD was leading me in this direction. So my husband, Ron and I took a leap of faith. We reached out to some like minded believers - and here we are - Gathering Together. Standing Strong. Holding The Line.

We are a Bible believing fellowship that meets on a weekly basis. We are family oriented. Our gathering is to share the Word, encourage each other in the LORD and for Fellowship.

Over the past year of covid, we have seen freedom taken away, the Constitution shattered, the people forced to isolate and our church doors shuttered and closed. Right now, from a majority of churches, you hear CRICKETS regarding the covid 'plandemic' and the stolen election.


These are not issues to be silent upon! We have to fight to take back America!

We love God. We are His people.

We love our Country. We are Patriots.

We love Freedom. We are Americans.


This is not traditional church.

We are not against the church or your church.

We talk about current events and what affects us as Christians.

We open up our Bibles. We pray. We fellowship.

We are kid friendly and they are with us in the gathering.

We love Jesus! We love Freedom! We love America!

Our heart's desire is to see the Spirit of the LORD poured out upon the people.


Our prayer is that the LORD would send his GLORY to America!


Our belief is that the LORD will return to America and the Nations what these swarming, hopping, stripping and cutting locusts have devoured!

Our declaration is that the veil will be torn from the eyes of the Church and that compromise and complacency will have no place among the people of God. 


I will pour out my spirit on all

flesh. Your sons and daughters

shall prophecy. Your old men

shall dream dreams. Your young

men shall see visions.

Joel 2:28