About Remnant Gathering

We meet on a weekly basis. We are family oriented. Our community and grassroots freedom bible study group meets to learn how to Live Local, how to stand up for Liberty and how to stand together against tyranny and encourage each other in the LORD.

Over the past year of covid, we have seen freedom taken away, the Constitution shattered, the people forced to isolate and our church doors and small businesses shuttered and closed. 


We are joining together and standing up to make a difference in our community and the Nation. Come and be encouraged in the Lord. Bring your Bible!

Image by Paul Weaver

We love God. We are His people.

We love our Country. We are Patriots.

We love Freedom. We are Americans.


We are a group of peace loving, Bible believing Christians who love America and Freedom! We love Jesus. We love Truth and Justice!


We are learning to Live Local and become involved in our local communities.

Come Gather With Us! You will be encouraged. You will be uplifted. You will leave feeling better than when you came. Come and join us. For Time and Location go HERE.​

Our heart's desire is to see the Spirit of the LORD poured out upon the people.


Our prayer is that the LORD would send his GLORY to America!


Our belief is that the LORD will return to America and the Nations what these swarming, hopping, stripping and cutting locusts have devoured!

Our declaration is that the veil will be torn from the eyes of the Church and that compromise and complacency will have no place among the people of God.

God Bless America!