Take America Back!

We can "occupy" until He comes!

And he called his ten servants, and gave them ten

pounds, and said to them, occupy till I come.

We can't just hide away. We are called to engage in the battle. We are called to occupy (to take or fill up space or time; trade; do business; make a difference) until Jesus comes.


I have a lot more information on my prayer blog. I've listed a few things below.


 Luke 19:13

We can Pray!

we pray america 3.jpg

I (Cheryl) have a daily prayer blog. Sign up here to receive daily prayers for America. We can come into agreement to cast down this demonic onslaught against our freedom, families and children. We are praying for the Glory to invade the Nations of the earth.


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Patriots Arise & Occupy!

We The People! We will take America back as peaceful God fearing and loving Patriots. Believing in God to intervene for this Country founded under His name!

Live Local - the main thing! This takes away our dependence on big monopolies (like Walmart and Amazon). We have to rethink how we live if we want things to change. Support your community! Buy from LOCAL FARMERS & FARMERS MARKETS!

Take It Back It's like it is 1776 again (peaceably). You will find resources to help you fight against this tyranny that is trying to usurp America right from under us. We say "not on our watch". We will HOLD THE LINE!


Made in America - Let's buy American made! It is possible. It is worth it.


Boycott the Wokes - a list of freedom stealing corporations that could care less about America and your freedom! Go to this website for a comprehensive list of left wing companies that despise our freedom: cancelthiscompany.com


Big Tech Options - how to avoid using Big Tech and their censorship. It is possible.


Covid Info - sites that have the truth about covid and the experimental shot.


Take off the Mask - an eye opening look at what is behind the mask (control, satanic rituals and more).