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  • Cheryl Bothe

No Trespassing: Know Your Rights as Americans

Yep. We’ve come to this. No trespassing signs for this buck wild, rogue government. I have a great Trespass Form and instructions that was prepared by a Constitutional attorney, Krisanne Hall to give out to those who come to your property to try and get personal information from you and for other nefarious reasons. Do not trust these people with any of your personal information. You do not have to give them ANY information or answer ANY questions. Do not tell them anything or explain anything. And, most importantly, do not be intimidated by them. It is none of their business whether you have had the “shot” or not. And I mean N.O.N.E. Go HERE for the Trespass Form and additional information and instructions. It's a very simple thing to do to protect yourself and your privacy. This link will also give you the Trespass Form and info on No Trespassing signs.


“I think the problem in America is people, most people, have no idea what their rights are,” he added. “Under the First Amendment you don’t have to speak to government officials, you have a right against unreasonable searches and seizures under the Fourth Amendment and the right to remain silent under the Fifth Amendment.”-John Whitehead

Let’s stay informed and stand up for our rights as Americans. If we don’t stand for something. We will fall for anything. Not sure who said this. But it’s true.


Father God.

We come before you and ask for strength to resist the devil so that he will flee. We rebuke this demonic intrusion from this rogue government spiraling out of control. We rebuke this strategy of intimidation and control.

O LORD of the Angel Armies! Loose the hosts of heaven to surround and protect your people. We declare this weapon formed to invade our privacy and trespass on our property will not prosper.

We will stand firm and we will not bend or bow to this tyranny. We place ourselves under your watchful eye and your strong right hand.

In Jesus name. Amen!

“Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil.” Ephesians‬ ‭6:11‬

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