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  • Cheryl Bothe

Freedom Update 2/17/22

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

We did it! Even in the wind and rain. We met. We talked. We laughed. We encouraged. We prayed. We signed letters. A night well spent with amazing wonderful loving folks! ❤️

Psalm 73

Jonathan shared this passage last night. What a blessing for these troubled times. Read it and take heart! You can read it HERE.

Take Action

1. We are sending out masking letters to the School Board and various State/Federal Reps and Senators to stop the masking child abuse. And also to a couple of local churches who have private Christian Schools and are still forcing masks on their students.

We attached a letter from AFLDS and a post from Dr. Mark McDonald who has told his patients he will no longer accept the masking child abuse in his office.

Our cover letter and attachments are below. As always, feel free to share this information if you so choose.

Child Masking Cover Letter
Download PDF • 17KB

AFLDS _ DR Martin Abuse Letter
Download PDF • 253KB

Psychiatrist bans child-masking and _al...practice _ America_s Frontline Doctors
Download PDF • 751KB

2. We also have started another Truth Blast for our area/region using preprinted Sticky Notes! What a great idea! Thanks to!

We will have more for next week. This is super easy and everyone loved the idea! Here are a couple of examples.

3. Pray for the Durham Investigation

Here is a prayer resource from with specific points and areas to pray over. We prayed specifically over this last night. Go HERE for the prayer guide: Justice At The Gates!

4. Poll Workers

Pat brought in Poll Worker forms to be completed if you are interested in working the polls in the midterm elections. She will bring them back again next week. You can also go HERE if just can't wait. ;-)


There are MANY battle fronts going on. We see it here close to home and all over the world. We cannot physically or mentally or emotionally fight every single battle. We will wear ourselves out and be overcome with battle fatigue. So pick what is near to your heart and don't forget to ask your Heavenly Father to lead and guide. There is much to do to be about the Father's business.

We live in exciting times! We were CHOSEN for such a time as this. Lift up your head! God is on the throne and He is in complete control. Never doubt it! Never forget it! He is with us to the end!


Cheryl and Ron

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