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  • Cheryl Bothe

Freedom Update 2/10/22

Hello to We the People of God in Tennessee and America! Don’t you just love our boisterous, happy freedom loving group. I know I do!

What an encouraging night as we talked about the Word, The Revelation of Jesus Christ and how to overcome these feelings of being overwhelmed in such turbulent times. We have decided to follow Jesus and declare that God is good!

For the new folks and a friendly reminder for us all:

. Join our telegram channel. You can chat here. Post here. Prayer here. TAKE ACTION items are also posted here.

. Watch

A look at how the deep state has infiltrated the church. Eye opening!

. Join

They will send you action items that go straight to our legislators by filling out a form.

. Join

This is specific to Tennessee. Another easy way to email legislators on current legislation pending in Nashville.

These are no brainers! If we do nothing. Nothing will change.

TAKE ACTION: See above plus …

. ”2000 Mules” coming soon from Dinesh D’Souza. Another must watch about election fraud. Let’s learn some more stuff!

Go to to watch the trailer.

. We discussed being a vendor at a Spring festival in Cleveland as an outreach for Freedom and for Jesus. Handout Constitutions, gospel tracts and sell tshirts etc. Sounds like great fun!


Check out this awesome website which is an American Made Listing Directory. This is an amazing, patriotic, God believing impressive website created by one of our new member‘s relative. There is a Refer Page where you can refer American products to them and they take it from there. Let’s take advantage of this awesome service and support American Made. . Uh Oh! Check out this article!

The link says it all!

. What does TAKE ACTION mean to us?

Learn and educate yourself and others.

Step up and step out. Don’t be silent. Use your voice.

Seek truth and you will find it.

Keep God first in everything you do.

Be salt. Be light.

Put down Social Media. Pickup your Bible.

Remember who you are and whose you are!

Live Local

Have you done it? Live Local that is.

Go HERE for help!

Until next week…

Cheryl and Ron

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