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  • Cheryl Bothe

Freedom Update 12/9/21

What a great meeting last night! We accomplished so much and we are so excited about the upcoming New Year as we stand together and fight for our freedom! Below are the highlights from last night.

Voter Guide Questions

I have sent our questions to the local leaders group that I'm meeting with re: the Voter Guide for Bradley County. We ended up with 10 solid questions to put forth to each candidate running for office. It's great that we were able to have input into this.

Agenda Weekly

This is the website that sends out a weekly email with the brief synopsis of the news stories, prayer and action plan. Go here to check them out. The cost is $5 per month. I love the work they do. This is where you will find the 9/11 movie but you have to join to view it.

Take Action

Our "letter signing session" was a great success. We will be doing more of this in the near future for sure. THANKS to ALL of you for your signatures on the First Amendment Sanctuary letter for our local county officials and the Covid-19 Planned Pandemic package to our local, state and federal officials.

  • Here is the PDF for Dr. Martin's, The Fauci/Covid-19 Dossier and The Criminal Conspiracy of Coronavirus. This is the package we are sending to all Tennessee officials (local, state and federal). After a quick "high level" discussion after the meeting, we decided to hold off sending these until after the first of the year. Thanks everyone for your input!

Download PDF • 4.85MB

The Criminal Conspiracy of Coronovirus
Download PDF • 1.55MB

Agenda 21 (UN plan)

This is the unbelievable plan that they tried to institute in Cleveland and Bradley County (BCC2035) a few years back. This is happening all over America. If you do a web search you can find a ton of info about this. Thanks Mike for the info on this!

Prayer Handout

Feel free to share ...

How to Pray for America
Download PDF • 85KB


"Register the troops!" Numbers 1:3

Like we discussed last night, this is almost comical. Can you imagine? Moses calling the Israelites to show up to register as an army! The LORD wanted this rag tag band of murmuring and complaining children to toughen up, stand up and be counted in His Mighty Army! They weren't warriors yet but God was calling out their destiny.

Such are we!

Stepping out. Signing up. Standing firm.

Learning as we go. Growing as we learn.

Facing the enemy and fighting the good fight of faith!

Blessings to all. See ya next week!

Cheryl and Ron

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