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  • Cheryl Bothe

Freedom Update 11/18/21

God Bless America!

Upcoming Events:

Friday night, Nov. 19th, 7:00 - 9:00 pm. Meet and greet with Clay Collins, running for Bradley County judge. 313 Bridgewater Dr, McDonald TN 37353. Home of Mary Francis (Pat and John’s daughter).

Sunday, 11/21 at 5:30. Apison Food Pantry hosts annual Community Thanksgiving Meal. Inviting all prayer warriors, community leaders and citizens. We donate to them to help feed those in need due to covid layoffs etc. 1100 families are fed each week!

Wednesday, 12/15 at Calvary Chatt. Dr. Peter McCullough speaking. Two events scheduled on the 15th due to overwhelming response. Go to their website to register. Free event but you must register. I just checked their website and they say that are max'd out. Will be live streamed.

Take Action

REPUBLICAN AGs need to sign onto Mike Lindell's lawsuit being presented to the Supreme Court this Tuesday, Nov. 23rd. Here is the article - its very good. Email these guys and request they sign onto the lawsuit Go Here to send email. Go to the contact button up top.

Live Local - Friendly Weekly Reminder!

Have you supported local business this week rather than Walmart, Target or Amazon? Tip: Buy local for Christmas! If we do everything the same, nothing will change.

Handouts and Links

Maricopa County audit results that Ron put together. This is astounding! This should call us all to action!

Maricopa County Results
Download PDF • 34KB

Dr Judy Mikovits article. This is a MUST read. Go here. There is also a video and the article is a summary of what covid is "not". She worked with NIH and with Fauci. She has been very outspoken against covid and continues to speak out and warn the people of the evil plot. "Everything that's been done: the masks, the shots, the isolation have caused the death and the destruction worldwide, not SARS-CoV-2." -Dr. Judy

Should Christians get the Covid Vax. A long read but worth every single minute.

Should Christians Get the Covid Vax
Download PDF • 283KB

What's in the Covid Vax? From IFA.

What-is-in-the-Covid-Vaccine IFA Special Report
Download PDF • 1.54MB

Must read article by Emerald Robinson

Lucerifase in the Covid Vax. It is not good.

I did what she said to do (page 46, table 4) and found it.

I took a photo of it.

Yes, it is there.

Buyer (and taker) beware!

Luciferase in the Covid Vax
Download PDF • 116KB

Another Must Read Article: Bill Gates, Vaccinations, Microchips, And Patent 060606

Go here.

Patent 060606 - Crytocurrency System Using Body Activity Data (Bill Gates)

PATENT 060606
Download PDF • 170KB

Finally! Go to your Bible. Read Revelation 13:16-18 and Revelation 18:23. We are watching it unfold it front of our very eyes.

"Wisdom is needed here." Rev. 13:18 NLT

Love y'all. See you in two weeks unless at one of the upcoming events.

No meeting next Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving!

Next Remnant Gathering meeting Thursday, Dec. 2nd.

Be encouraged! We are winning because God already won!

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