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  • Cheryl Bothe

Freedom Update 10/25/21

Bradley County Commission Meeting - Call to Action!

Monday, Oct. 25th 7:00 pm, Bradley County Commission Meeting. We must stay engaged!

We are going to continue to stand against the distribution of ARP funds. We have the government docs stating there are strings attached (which could be forced vax, etc.).

These forms have been sent to the County Mayor's office and to his Assistant.

Freedom Rally - Saturday, October 23 1:00 to 3:00 pm.

Gunbarrel Road in front of Pep Boys. Standing with all the Blue Cross Blue Shield Employees who are losing their jobs or already lost their jobs for not taking the jab.

Contact TN Rep Jason Zachary

If you have lost your job or are being threatened for not taking the "jab". He is working on this information for the upcoming Special Sesson on Oct. 27th. Time is of the essence. Get this in asap. The info needed is in the tweet.

This is important. It's just a few items to list. Quick and to the point.

Email Jason HERE

Health and Safety Symposium

Homemade HCQ recipe:

8 cups of water, peels from 3 lemons and 3 grapefruit, small hand of peeled/chopped ginger. Simmer for 3 hours with tight fitting lid. Let cool to room temp. Do Not remove the lid. 2 tsps per day as preventative. Keep in frig. You can add honey to taste before you take it to cover some of the bitterness. Ron and I make half a recipe since there is just the two of us.

This is an excellent Ivermectin video on how Ivermectin came about and how Big Tech, Big Pharma and Fauci suppressed the research of its efficacy. It is beyond shameful. It is crimes against humanity!

FLCCC Alliance (Front Line Covid Critical Care)

Similar in some ways to Frontline Doctors. They have TONS of info here. We have given out several of their handouts in our meetings in the past. This page HERE gives information on how to get Ivermectin.


Take care of yourself and do good stuff outside! Breathe in the fresh air. MOVE! MOVE! MOVE! You've got to move it move it! Open the windows. Take a walk. Walk the dog. Go to the park. Or just go outside and breathe fresh air. Air out your house.

Take extra Vitamin D if you get no sunshine during the day. This is SO important. The Sun and the Son bring life more abundantly.

We should not subscribe to the facts they are telling us that a "cold and dark" winter is coming! No! We will celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas! We will celebrate Jesus and his life giving flow. We will not sing a dirge of doom over the upcoming Winter season. We declare and celebrate LIFE!

Many many heartfelt thanks ...

... to Clay and Sabrina Padgett for their amazing, anointed presentation last night. We all came a away with a greater understanding of what God can do in cities and communities if we commit to prayer and planning.

Words just don't seem enough. But we give them honor and special thanks for their servant hearts and their unselfish willingness to let Remnant Gathering gather in their building. What a blessing for us. We pray favor and blessing over them!

Until next Thursday ... Hold the Line!

Cheryl and Ron

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