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  • Cheryl Bothe

Freedom Update 1/7/22

Let Freedom Ring in 2022!

Hello! I'm doing an update with just some general information and news. We will still have MUCH to discuss next week!

MAILOUTS We mailed out the 1st Amendment packets today to all of our local officials. We will send out the BIG packets with the Dr. Martin Covid19 Dossier on Monday. It's a good time since the legislature is in session beginning next week.

Father. We pray that You will move on these elected men and women to stand for freedom and not bow down to tyranny or the greed of money! Speak into their hearts and minds. Reveal yourself to them. Remove the unrighteous and replace them with the righteous. In Jesus name!


GOOD NEWS from Dr. Mercola!

Dr. Mercola has been able to archive and now place all of his covid research on Substack. This is his library that was censored previously this year. You can go HERE for more info and for his articles and research.


TMOBILE ... about to join the BOYCOTT List!

TMobile is blocking conservative texts. Wow. We have TMobile ... we are livid! Just where do you go??!? I know of two patriotic carriers - Pure Talk and Patriot Mobile. You can check them out for yourself below. Go HERE for the article re: TMobile.


DR. MCCULLOUGH & Nasal Rinse.

Using a nasal rinse is one of the best ways to fight any virus! He touted this at his presentation in Chattanooga. Go HERE for the specific nasal rinse article and details on how to mix it.

This is a 6 minute video of Dr. McCullough explaining the nasal rinse.

Below is a PDF of the formula and how to do it.

.com-Dilute Povidone-Iodine NasalOral Washes for the Prevention and Treatmen

Dr. McCullough writes many articles on and also does a podcast. We have mentioned America Outloud before. They have an entire team of patriotic contributors.



Continue to Pray for Memphis and West TN.

Let's also continue to Pray for J6!

And Pray for President Trump.

Until next week ... blessings and favor be upon you!

Cheryl (and Ron)


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